STRUMASONG Guitar Lessons

At Strumasong Guitar & Ukulele School students will have an enjoyable and fun experience while learning the guitar/ukulele. Learning their chosen instrument will take them on an exciting musical journey and help in the development of their social, physical and academic skills. Beginner classes are taught in a group of up to 8 students(max). The recommended age is 8yrs+. Improver/ Intermediate level classes also available with a max of 12 students applicable. Class sizes may be subject to change and vary depending on level and ability.  

All students  are encouraged to sing and perform. The lessons boost students' self esteem and confidence through their musical performances.  A wide repertoire of music is taught with a focus on pop and rock.  At my school I believe a student's continuous progression and development is enhanced by the many concerts and performances they participate in through out the year.  As students progress they are given the opportunity to participate in various concerts/fund raising events organised by Strumasong Guitar & Ukulele School . This gives each student the opportunity to shine and their parents a chance to watch their star transform before their eyes. 

STRUMASONG Ukulele Lessons 

Strumasong Guitar & Ukulele School offer ukulele classes for children aged  6yrs+. The ukulele is an ideal instrument for young children to learn, it is small in size perfect for little hands and a very affordable instrument for parents to purchase. Children quickly learn to strum along to their favourite songs and melodies. Beginner classes are taught in group of up to 8 students (max) . Class sizes may be subject to change and vary depending on level and ability.

Jackie Symes 

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